Well that is a really simple question to answer. At Crayons N Neurons, we provide quality education to students at affordable rates. Numerous parents have mentioned that we are able to deliver value added lessons and be economical at the same time. But most importantly, we teach and conduct lessons in a manner that is meaningful and relatable to our students.

We strongly believe that each child is unique. Simply put, we strive not only to ensure that our studentsLearn to apply their knowledge, Enjoy a small class ratio but Be Inspired to be the best version of themselves as well.

It is a well-known fact that there are several benefits to being able to study in a group setting such as it being cost effective and much more. However at Crayons N Neurons, we focus on creating a safe environment for your child to voice out their doubts as well as not be shy to make mistakes. We encourage our students to share their experiences as well as learn from each other and support one another. With our educators as the facilitators, learning is much more effective, engaging and fun.

It is very easy for all of us to get caught and trapped in the cycle of pursuing academic excellence. But what many forget is that in order for your child to develop love for life-long learning we need to ensure that they are able to understand the content of what is being taught. When they are able to make these connections, learning becomes a joyous journey.