I really enjoyed the classes that were conducted.
Ms Gaya's classes are always very fun. She makes composition writing very fun and easy.
As a parent, I am very happy with the various unique programmes that are provided at Crayons N Neurons. I was able to find appropriate programmes for both my chldren. Both the educators and management are very dedicated and take a genuine interest in my childrens improvment and well being.
Jason's Physics lessons are very fun. He constantly ensures that all students fully understand the concepts before moving on. He lectures and goes through tutorials with ease and confidence.
  • Nadia
Crayons N Neurons. Not only are the teachers good, the management and administration team is also very responsive and friendly.
My daughter is currently enrolled in Caryons N Neurons.I would like to share my appreciation to Ms Gaya for helping Kristal with her P5 English and Science.
Ms Gaya is a dependable teacher who is very flexible on Matthew's needs. She is open in communicating with me as well as with my son.
Mr. Rama is a fantastic educator. I managed to get an A in my H2 Maths 'A' levels thans to him.
  • Shawn