Our Story

Crayons N Neurons was created with a single burning passion in mind-to ensure children of varying abilities get the academic help they require in order to be the best versions of themselves and to help them develop passion for life-long learning.

To date, we have over 20 programmes that have been rolled out in the centre. With a dedicated team of over 30 educators, we are proud to have provided guidance and assistance to many students who have graduated from the centre and gone on to excel in their respective endeavours.

At Crayons N Neurons, we believe that we will be able to help your child discover the joy of learning and gaining knowledge

Our Mission

To evoke our students’ love, interest and passion for learning and alsoto empower them to become thinkers and leaders of the future by delivering meaningful learning experiences that engenders a sense of belonging and cultivates positive outcomes.

Our Vision

To be the leading education centre that flourishes in delivering a holistic learning experience as we go beyond tuition and prepare your child for the future.

Red represents our passion for learning and nurturing.

Green represents our desire to have growth.

Yellow represents our creative approaches to forming connections with your child.

Blue is the spirit that our dedicated team of educators have.

Navy represents the trust that parents and children have in our team.

The pink neuron represents the long-term love and warmth children will have for growth and learning.

But overall we believe that learning is fun, vibrant and exciting!